Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Feeling like crap today, but...

The 24 premiere is just 12 days away!! Counting down the days as fast as possible. I will be reviewing the episodes as they air, so check back for those.

Also, starting my new job tomorrow :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Manhattan To Queens

So, I was checking out a brief review of the first four hours of Day 8, and it says Jack travels from Manhattan to Queens in 10 minutes. Ignoring that absurdity, I have my answer that it won't just be in Manhattan, but can be in any of the 5 boroughs. Interesting...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just 3 Weeks Left...

Three weeks from tonight, a new day will be launched -- Season 8 of 24. And hopefully, it won't be the last.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Very Interesting...

Coming into this season and knowing Renee Walker was returning, speculation started to form about her role could be. It doesn't take place in Washington, D.C. and doesn't involved the FBI. So those two Renee-connections are out. In previews, we see her on a NY rooftop with a gun to her head and she yelling "Do it." We have heard from the producers and writers that "she's a damaged person" in Day 8, and also "something from her past comes back to haunt her."

All nice little information ... until this week. Mike Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly said there's a pretty big twist involving a NY CTU agent named "Jenny." He also said he couldn't say who was playing her because it would reveal too much. Hmmm. Undercover, anyone?

Also we got a glimpse from a trailer this week of Renee in a towel with wet hair in some apartment, with a guy behind her all clothed. Analysis by other 24 fans on the Internet confirm that the actor who's in that photo/trailer is playing Vladimir Laitanan, a Russian mobster in this upcoming season. Theories?

1. Renee is undercover for NY CTU (no idea how she started working for them? FBI released her after she tortured Alan Wilson?) with the Russian mob. CTU name could be "Jenny." But then again -- Chloe knows Renee and Chloe works in NY CTU. Also, in CTU there's scene of Jack and Renee embracing. So, who knows.

2. Renee is undercover for herself. Much like Tony Almeida was in Day 7. Maybe the Russian mob knows something about Wilson's location and she wants to avenge Larry Moss's death? Would be ironic turn if she turns into same thing Tony did, after she was disgusted by Tony last season -- hunting down Wilson undercover to kill him for someone he was responsible for ordering their murder.

3. Renee is doing something in NY, and is dating this Russian mobster. I highly doubt this one though.

The undercover stories work well for Renee and is a high way to incorporate her into this season. It will be interesting to see how she got hooked up with NY CTU, though. If Renee is undercover with CTU though, that's fine, just don't know why they would refer to her as "Jenny." Unless she lied to them and none of them (except Chloe) know her name is Renee Walker.

In any case, I'm very happy they decided to bring Renee back this season. She was a great character and there's more you can do with her. Plus, gotta have some old characters carry over. Arhm, Aaron Pierce, writer, arhm.... Adios.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Aaron Pierce

Seeing how good of a job Agent Aaron Pierce did protecting her daughter, I think President Taylor should request Pierce to be on her security detail when she goes to NY to sign the peace treaty with President Hassan. I think that's the perfect way to incorporate Aaron into Day 8.

Plus, with Bill sacrificing his life last season and Tony in prison, Jack doesn't have many trustworthy friends around anymore. They need to include them in this season. Chloe and Renee will be around, but so should Agent Pierce.

New Season is Rapidly Approaching...

Day 8 is coming up very quickly (premieres in the usual 4-hour, 2-night package on Jan. 17 and 18, 2010). FOX is running little promos on commercials, labeled the "24 reasons to celebrate this season."

#1 was Jack rolling over a table in a restaurant shooting at someone, and voiceover goes "The Grand Entrance." hmmmm

#14 was Renee and Jack smiling and hugging in CTU. Voiceover "Surprising an old friend." Well, come on Mr. Voiceover, they spent one day together. But then again, JB takes what he can get.

I'm very happy about the characters that are returning: Chloe, Kim, President Taylor, Ethan Kanin (now as Secretary of State), and surprisingly and very interestingly - former (and disgraced) President Charles Logan. Kim's husband and daughter return as well.

Since the President is now divorced, I doubt we'll see Henry, and also Olivia, since she's in prison. I really do hope they bring back Aaron Pierce, there's always ways to incorporate him into a season. And then there's ... Tony Almeida. Who yes, was arrested for his crimes last season (responsible for killing FBI Special Agent in Charge Larry Moss, 2 other federal agents, and instructed Galvez to set up the C4-rigged building that took out a couple-dozen agents as well). Even if it's for a three-episode arc, I think having Tony in some capacity would be great for the season. The old and often-played-out "I gotta go visit this guy in jail because he knows information on a guy I'm trying to catch" is annoying, but that's one way to work Tony in. Maybe with the reemergence with Logan, Tony gets wind of it and breaks out of prison? (Hey if Jack can, why not Tony?) But that would just be rehashing last year's Tony trying to kill Alan Wilson.

38 days left until the premiere. Can't freakin' wait. Adios.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

This movie had everything a guy wants, needs, loves and craves. LOADS of action and violence. Two smoking hot chicks. Awesome ninja fights. Covert spy stuff. Cool underwater and on-ice battle scenes. Dennis Quaid. (Maybe that's just me, since he's pretty much the man).

My brother and I were never huge fans of the cartoon show growing up; we were into other stuff. But this movie held my interest from the first minute of the opening scene. The story was solid and had meaning, intertwined with great action scenes and fight sequences.

It just had a very sleek, modern, futuristic, cool feel to it. The names were awesome: General Hawk, Duke, Ripcord, Scarlett, Breaker, Heavy Duty, and Snake Eyes for Team G.I. Joe. The Doctor/Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan, the Baroness and Storm Shadow for Team Cobra.

Telling the background stories were very well done and didn't take long, ex: Duke proposing to Ana, and the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow backstory. I also liked how the G.I. Joe team was an international task force. Heavy Duty is British, Breaker is Moroccan. The rest are American. They protect the world.

With Zartan undergoing the transformation to look like the President and is now seated at the Oval Office, I'm highly anticipating the G.I. Joe sequel already. 2 Thumbs Way Up.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lots of new 24 Intel

Day 8 finally has some more tidbits, news, notes and info. It all came out in this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. You can find all clips, interviews and audio all over the Internet, but here's the summary of the most important stuff:

1.) the new CTU in New York is the most state-of-the-art high-tech building we've seen on 24. The FBI building this year was just a bunch of desks, and the past CTUs were workstations, computers and monitors everywhere. LA CTU was a regular-looking building on the exterior, with a parking lot next to it. The NY CTU is hidden and covert and you need to drive through an underground tunnel to get to it. Sounds amazing to me. I like the whole idea of hiding it, especially due to the numerous infiltrations of the LA CTU branch during the past seasons. Mary Lynn Rajskub says the computer monitors are behind glass, that the office "kind of looks like a spaceship", and is very sleek, cool and high-tech. I'm liking all I'm hearing about the new CTU.

A clip of the new CTU debuted at Comic-Con, but I can't find it on the web. The other clip was between Jack and Victor Aruz, someone from his past. Aruz tells Jack that a shooter has gotten into this country with the sole purpose on assassinating Iranian President Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor, Slumdog Millionaire). Sounds very Day 1-ish. Wonder how it'll all be connected to the main baddie for the season.

2.) CTU Head Analyst Dana Walsh and CTU Head of Field Ops Cole Ortiz are engaged. I just hope this isn't Milo/Doyle/Nadia again, but instead the new Tony/Michelle of Day 2 and 3.

3.) Chloe O'Brian is way behind with the high-tech stuff and new computer protocols. She's getting angry at her computer and smashing her keyboard (was seen in the CTU clip). Walsh goes over to her (she's Chloe's superior) and kind of pats her on the back saying, "don't worry, you'll get it." Can't wait to see pissed-off Chloe.

4.) Jack starts off Day 8 in a happy place (for once). Two times Jack was happy at the beginning of a day was Day 1 (Playing chess with Kim) and Day 4 (dating Audrey). Should be interesting. I'm betting the happiness has to do with great, new relationship with Kim and his granddaughter, Teri.

5.) I've heard one thing where Renee was fired from the FBI and is now working for CTU. Not sure if it's for CTU NY or if it'll be another office and then Jack contacts her and she meets him in NY or something. I'm assuming she got the axe from the FBI because of what she did to Alan Wilson when she entered his interrogation room and breaking the rules. Another report describes Renee as a "damaged person." So, it's safe to say Renee is not happily dating JB.

6.) Season 8 promo poster has Jack with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

So pumped Day 8 is gonna take place in my backyard. Shaping up to be very solid. And Tony Almeida alert: writer/producer David Fury says "there may be room for Tony in this season. he could be pivotal to the show." Hmmmm.